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What Is Marketing For The Tribe?

Marketing For The Tribe is a FREE newsletter that gives you practical insights to grow your brand...TODAY.

In the creator’s world. In today's economy.

Where everyone is a media company, content creation is the way to build a brand, and digital advertising is the fastest way to get leads and sales.

Marketing for the tribe is for creatives. For people that want to build something cool and sell without having to make BS promises or  excessive hype.

If you want to sell more stuff, Marketing For The Tribe is for you.

If you sell digital products, services, or any kind of stuff online, Marketing For The Tribe is for you.

If you are a creative person at heart, Marketing For The Tribe is for you.

If you want to level up your marketing game, Marketing For The Tribe is for you.

Who Are You?

Fair question.

My name is Nick Tribe and I'm an entrepreneur and marketer. But I’m not your typical entrepreneur or marketer.

But let's address the real elephant in the room.

Here's why you should listen to a single word I say.

I spent the last few years learning from the most brilliant marketers and entrepreneurs, obsessing over lifestyle design and personal growth.

I’ve read countless books, attended countless courses, and devoured countless pieces of information on marketing and entrepreneurship.

I’m now building a marketing company that starts, grows, and monetizes brands AI, content creation, and sales funnels, while also being a DJ and traveling the world. The company is Tribe Brothers LTD.

After years of trial and error as a music artist turned marketer turned entrepreneur, I’ve developed functioning systems with time, skin in the game, and experience for myself and my clients.

Due to the nature of the company I'm building, I get to try many cool things when it comes to market & sell stuff. 

Especially digital stuff.

I get to see content strategies, funnel building practices, copywriting techniques, etc.

Some of them work. Some of them don't. 

I experiment a lot.


Marketing For The Tribe is my place to share all of that.

Truth is, I actually like to hang out with like minded people that are into marketing, funnels, offers, content, ads, etc.

And that’s why this newsletter is for a very specific type of person.

As you can tell, there is no flashy number or any BS unrealistic story here.

Show off big numbers (fake screenshots) or unrealistic 'life-changing' testimonials isn't what I am about.


Two reasons. 

One, I want to start with the right foot, and setting expectations clearly is important. No BS promises here.

Second, because that's not the people I want to attract in general.

I want people who are about real creativity, genuine marketing, and building something awesome for the long run.

No shortcuts, no 'get-rich-quick' or easy stuff here.

Sorry. No shortcut to 'GeT tO 10 K Per MoNth!!' here.

If that's you, no hard feelings. Simply leave the page now 🙂

On the other hand...

If Marketing For The Tribe sounds like something you might be interested in, keep reading because you're about to find out...

What Exactly Am I Getting?

When you join the tribe by subscribing, you'll receive a digital copy of the Marketing For The Tribe Blackbook, completely for FREE.

Inside you'll find a treasure trove of the best lessons I've learned turning complete strangers into paying customers on the internet.

You won't find these tips anywhere else.

Since they don't come from useless theory, but from practice - after being in the trenches trying to sell stuff online.

But...that's not all.

As a subscriber, you'll also receive regular emails packed with tips, tricks, and tactics I'm personally using to grow my own business.

And yes...

There will be offers sprinkled along the way.

If that's not your cup of tea, no hard feelings – this tribe isn't for everyone. 

Don't subscribe.


if that's okay with you...

And you're a creative soul ready to dive into the world of marketing, build something cool, and grow your business, then take the first step and subscribe now.

It's my duty to level up your marketing game.

I’ll see you inside,

Nick Tribe


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The Quick & Easy Way to create products like Steve Jobs (yes. It can be done)

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