Transform Complete Strangers Into Paying Customers With Proven AI Marketing Tactics

From A Guy That Has Done It Across Different Markets, Niches And Price-Points

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from: the laptop of Nick Tribe
somewhere in Europe

If the fact that you’re on this page is of any indication…

I know two things about you.

Thing #1: You are interested in turning complete strangers into paying customers.

Thing #2: You are not sure if you should listen to a single word I say.


So let me prove why subscribing to this newsletter might be the best decision you make.

Here's Why You Should
Listen To A Single Word I Say

My name is Nick Tribe and I’m a marketer…but with a twist.

I’m not exactly your “typical marketer”. I’m a little different. 

I am currently running a marketing company. We start, grow, & monetize brands leveraging AI, direct response marketing, and sales funnels.


I do that while traveling around, making music, and being a DJ.

This means that I didn’t make the zillions of dollars the other (fake?) marketers usually show you as “””proof”””…

But I know a thing or two about making sales and growing businesses *on your own terms*.

You see, I have a different approach.

💡 I like automation. A LOT.

I like to see getting leads, followers, and sales coming in every few moments on auto-pilot.

💡 I like leverage. A LOT.

Which basically means that I want a lot more output for my input. Minimal effort, maximum result.

💡 I like freedom. A LOT.

If something messes with my peace, I discard it. I need time to travel, read books, work out, make music, etc.


If you want to grow your online business without giving away your soul and have the freedom you crave…

By using marketing tactics that allow you to use automation, leverage, and freedom…

This newsletter is for you.

Inside it, I spill my guts on what's actually working for our projects so you can do the same.

Marketing For The Tribe is my way of documenting all the weird marketing experiments we try at our company trying to grow brands online.

You will learn things like:

What Most Marketers Don't Tell You About Content (And How To Stop Feeling Like You’re Shouting Into The Void And Actually Get Noticed by Your Target Audience)
Why Everyone Is Effortlessly Attracting Customers While You Struggle To Get Even a Single One (And Why It’s Probably Way Easier Than You Think)
The Simple Yet Overlooked Formula That All The Big Names Are Using To Turn Likes and Followers Into Actual Paying Customers (Idk Why No One Talks About This)
EXACTLY What To Do If You Have Visitors But Little To No Sales
The Little Known Way To Convert Complete Strangers Into Paying Customers WITHOUT A Single Testimonial
And Much, Much More

Now, if you want to join…

Here’s what to do:

✔️ Subscribe to the newsletter. Put your best email in the form down below and click subscribe. It’s free. 

✔️ Implement the golden nuggets of value I share.

✔️ See your leads, sales, and revenue go up.

Thank me later.


Yeah that was a little bit cocky.

But hey…I’m still a marketer.

See you inside.


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