03 — The RIGHT Way To Create An Info-Product

03 — The RIGHT Way To Create An Info-Product

A scene that’s become all too familiar in my line of work.

I sell info-products. Ebooks. Courses. Coaching programs, etc.

People approach me with stars in their eyes, brimming with excitement about their groundbreaking product idea.

They can’t wait to share every detail with me, convinced it’s the next big thing.

“So I got this cool idea for an ebook/course/program and I was wondering what you think of it. I am stuck at chapter 3 and…”

I usually stop them right there.

And I hit them with a simple question:

“Alright, did you sell any?”

They look at me, utterly confused.

“How can I sell it if I don’t even have the product yet?” they ask, scratching their heads.

And that’s when it hits me.

They have fallen into the trap of mistaking talk for action.

They’ve spent hours chatting away about their idea to anyone who would listen.

They’ve gathered nods of approval, encouraging smiles, and even a few “That sounds cool!” responses.

And they think that’s enough to validate their concept.

But here’s the harsh truth: actions speak louder than words, my friend.


Talking about an idea, no matter how passionately or convincingly, doesn’t guarantee success.

It’s a common mistake.

Just because someone expressed interest or said, “Hey, that sounds interesting,” doesn’t mean they’ll whip out their wallets and make a purchase.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

Here’s the thing: people might love the idea of something, but when it comes down to actually parting with their hard-earned cash, things can change.

Desires fade, priorities shift, and suddenly, that “amazing” idea becomes just another passing thought.


You know what’s funny?

People say one thing, but their actions tell a different story.

They might claim they want this and that, but when it comes to spending their hard-earned cash, their behavior speaks louder than words.

Let’s be real here.

Many folks aren’t exactly proud of their money moves.

Deep down, they know dropping $247 on new clothes with only $79.24 in their bank account isn’t the smartest choice.

But guess what?

They still do it!

They won’t admit it, but their actions say it all.

They’ll behave like they’re in charge, driven by their desires, wants, and whims.

Now, here’s the deal:

Don’t waste time asking people if they’d buy something or not.

That’s not effective.

The secret sauce lies in a simple solution.

Ready for it?

Here it is:

Create an irresistible offer, slap it right in front of them, and ask them to buy…right now.


Now, one of two things will happen.

Either they’ll jump on that offer like a hungry cheetah on a gazelle, and congratulations, my friend, you’ve just landed yourself a customer.

Or they’ll say no, and that’s not a problem.

It’s a learning opportunity, my dear Marketing For The Tribe reader.

See, when they decline, it’s time to dig deeper.

What’s holding them back?

Trust issues?

Doubts about your product?

Or maybe they simply don’t want it.

Whatever it is, you won’t know unless you make a real, serious offer.

No more guessing games, my friend.

It’s time to get down to business.

So remember, when it comes to understanding what people really want, their actions speak volumes.

Keep it short, keep it snappy, and put that offer out there.

Trust me, the insights you gain will guide you like a wise mentor on this wild journey of marketing success.

Keyword: ACTION.

Let me recap one more time for clarity.

Instead of spending hours discussing your idea, focus on creating something tangible — a real, irresistible offer that you can put in front of potential customers.

Then, ask them to buy.

Simple as that.

And you’ll get a much clearer picture of their true interest.

Sounds cool?



It’s time to transform your ideas into something real, something that compels people to open their wallets and say, “Yes, I want this!”

But how do you do…THAT?

Well, that’s exactly what my next project is going to be about.

I won’t tell you much.

Because it’s kind of too soon.

But you can check the first details…

By clicking here

That’s it for today’s episode.

Hope you got value from it.

Talk soon,



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