02 — The #1 Thing All The Big Names Have In Common

02 — The #1 Thing All The Big Names Have In Common

Have you ever wondered what sets apart the big names in any industry?

I’m talking about the giants.

The big guys.

As a DJ, marketer, and entrepreneur, I’ve spent the last few years studying from the most successful marketers & entrepreneurs worldwide.

I’ve read countless books, attended countless courses, and devoured countless pieces of information on marketing and entrepreneurship.

I’m now building a one-person business leveraging digital products & my personal brand, while also being a DJ and traveling the world.

In my quest for ‘the secret of success’…

I’ve spent a lot of time studying successful people in my 2 ‘markets’:

Music and Business.

I’m talking about people like Martin Garrix, Hardwell, David Guetta.

Or Gary Vee, Alex Hormozi, and Grant Cardone.

You know…

People with millions of followers, big audiences, and stuff.

People that have achieved extraordinary levels of success.

I wanted to find out their secret sauce.

How on earth did they do…THAT?

What I discovered is fascinating and obvious at the same time.

These individuals have something in common that has propelled them to greatness.

It’s not just their talent or charm.

It’s something more powerful.

What is it?

Kind of simple.



They have mastered the art of creating a massive amount of content that even if you wanted to consume it all, you simply couldn’t.


Podcast shows.







They created MANY of those.

Think about it.

This principle is true no matter the industry, the market, or the brand.

You can’t watch every single show on Netflix, even if you wanted to.

You can’t listen to every single song on Spotify, even if you wanted to.

You can’t buy every single item on Amazon, even if you wanted to.

The amount of content that’s required to ‘make it’ is staggering.

The point?

Make more.

And more.

And more.

Create so much your audience couldn’t consume it even if they wanted to.

This principle works because…

Well, volume matters.

Volume plays a significant role in achieving desired outcomes.

And it’s often underestimated.

Let’s use the example of working out.

Consider the simple act of doing 10 pushups a day.

How hard it is to do 10 pushups per day?

Not so much.

Most people would agree.

Individually, 10 pushups may not seem like much of a workout or a significant achievement.

However, when you look at the cumulative numbers over a year…

The results are quite interesting.

By performing 10 pushups daily, you would have completed 3,650 pushups in a year — a substantial number that adds up.

Now, let’s take it a step further.

Doubling the volume to 20 pushups per day still may not seem like an intense workout.

However, over the course of a year, you would have performed 7,300 pushups.

Think about it.

7300 pushups…and you basically didn’t even workout properly!

7300 pushups in a year won’t make you a bodybuilder.

The amount required is much higher.

It’s like…nothing.


Do you get my point?

No matter your goal…the answer is often more.

More ad creatives.

More offers.

More music.

More content.

More DMs.

Just more.



Hit ‘publish’.

You’re many ‘pieces of content’ away to achieve the success you dream.


I’m talking to you, my dear Marketing For The Tribe reader…

But this reminder is for myself too.

I should create more.


It’s hard. Isn’t it?

I know.

But we must do it anyways.

Otherwise, what’s the other option?

Not trying?

Not discussed.

Don’t you even dare.

If you are reading this (piece of content, who would’ve guessed that?)…

Then you must create.


Alright, that’s enough of me ranting.

I hope you got my point.



And more again.



Talk soon,



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